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Aura White Pure Review Testimonials

-44% Aura White Pure Review Testimonials
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Aura White Pure L-GLUTATHIONE Collagen


Aura White Pure L-GLUTATHIONE Collagen enriched with very high antioxidant helps slow the aging of skin. It helps highlight the beauty of the skin, reduce inflammation, and be able to restore tissue cells.


* 50% significant enlightenment within just 1-2
* Restoring damaged skin, scars, dull and problematic
* Makes the skin more flexible and elastic and moist
* Reduce wrinkles and fine garis2
* Shrink the skin pori2
* Strengthen and beautify nails and hair
* Increase the body's immune system
* Reduce free radicals and toxins in the body
* Overcome acne and acne scars
* Reduces inflammation / joint
* Contains prebiotics and 3 times the stem cell
* Suitable for pregnant and breast-feeding
* Optimum energy supply throughout the day
* Reduce cholesterol
* Eliminate scars, chapped heels and cellulite
* Improve sleep quality
* Suitable for men and women


Aura White Pure is a skin lightening product that should be tried, eliminate dullness, restoring radiance and elasticity as a whole. Satu2 his Malaysian products which use stem cell technology combined results of three types of plants / fruits - tomatoes, apples and roselle and added another great benefit, L-glutathione and collagen tilapia!

With premium quality ingredients yaang blended together best natural ingredients such as lemon, turnip, strawberries, maquiberry, papaya, bird nests, astaxanthin and pinebark, certainly strong mix that provides 3 times the power of lightening the skin and also stimulate the generation sel2 new skin and improve skin texture so soft, smooth and evenly in just 14 DAYS !!

Aura White Pure FORMULA FULL

Enriched with very high antioxidant helps slow down skin aging. It helps highlight the beauty of the skin, reduce inflammation, and be able to restore tissue cells.


Lemon flavored berry is not only good to drink but provide high nutrition to maintain health and beauty at a time.


100% natural and safe, no added sugar, preservatives, artificial coloring or flavoring. Free of hormones, steroids and chemicals by SGS.

Testimonials Aura White Pure L-Glutathione Collagen






  1. Masukkan 2 scoop ke dalam shaker dan goncang.
  2. Bancuh menggunakan air mineral /air bersih biasa.. Tidak digalakkan menggunakan air panas kerana dikhuatiri zat-zat aktif akan mati dan hilang
  3. Jauhi minum / makan dari sumber yang mengandungi kafein seperti kopi, teh dan sebagainya kerana kajian menunjukkan kafein mampu menghilangkan zat aktif dan tidak baik untuk kecantikan kulit.
  4. WAJIB minum air masak / mineral /air bersih sekurang-kurangnya 3-5 liter sehari untuk kadar serapan yang cepat dan kesan yang pantas.
  5. Cara yang sesuai untuk pengambilan AURA WHITE adalah semasa perut kosong. Di sarankan ambil pada waktu pagi (2 jam sebelum sarapan) dan malam sebelum tidur (2 jam selepas makan malam)

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