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Hair Loss Concealer

Hair Loss Concealer
Brand: CuteMonster
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Hair Loss Concealer (Organic Fibre)

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Instant Hair Loss Concealer Supplier

What You Get

  • 1 Bottles Of Cutemonster 28g Hair Loss Concealer

Cutemonster.my hair building fibers instantly makes thinning hair look naturally thick & strong. Our 100% Organic fibers naturally bind to your existing hair strands and in seconds creates a natural look of thicker, fuller hair.

Cutemonster hair fibers won't come off in wind, rain or perspiration. It is totally undetectable, even from as close as two inches. Once cutemonster is applied, you won't be able to believe the difference. Simply shampoo cutemonster to wash out & remove. 

Main benefits of Hair Loss Concealer:
  • 100% organic cotton fibers that look completely natural once applied.
  • Real hair thickening and hair volumizing that creates instant confidence. 
  • Wind, rain, and perspiration resistant so it won't let you down when you need it most.
  • Breathable fibers that allow your hair to breath & doesn't cause your head to sweat or itch.
  • Natural results that make you look younger & feel great.
  • No one will know you are using Cutemonster, even if they get close up view or outdoor under bright sun light.
  • Works for both men and women.

Unlike cheap imitations, this is a professional grade product that

  • Is made of natural fibers from plant and is save even for sensitive scalp.
  • Bonds to hair over 200% more securely, your hair style will last considerably longer.
  • Is free of animal ingredients, synthetic dyes, fillers and preservatives.

How Our Hair Loss Concealer Works?


Thinning area                      Fibers adhere to your hairs      Hair becomes thicker


When you apply cutemonster onto a thinning area of your hair, the hair fibers will automatically clings to your hair like millions of tiny magnets.Each thin wisp of your hair instantly becomes thicker and fuller, eliminating those embarrassing thinning areas.No more flashes of shiny scalp showing through where there should only be hair.Because cutemonster hair fibers has the same optical properties as your hair that reflects like the same way your hair will.



Hair Loss Concealer is made from a species of natural plant cotton called; Gossiypium Herbeceum.

-Gossipiyum herbeceum or levant cotton as it is better known, is one of the finest & high grade fibers in the world today! It naturally resembles real human hair, making it virtually impossible to detect once applied. Moreover with it's "breathable" structure it allows your hair and scalp to breathe freely through the fibers, rather than smothering it like other conventional wool based products, which can cause your hair to become itchy & even lead to further hair loss!


For many, hair loss can be a limiting experience and it often prevents people from realising their full potential in life! Although Cutemonster doesn't cure hair loss at its root cause, it does offer an excellent remedy to the problem by boosting confidence & creating a very natural appearance of a full head of hair.

"We believe happy heads make for happy individuals."

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