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Radiance Signature Wholesale Price Testimoni

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Brand: Radiance Signature
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Radiance Signature

Radiance Signature Series Whitening & Glowing supplement is formulated from premium quality sources such as grade AAA fish collagen and vitamin C as well as the fusion of the Sunnah such as dates, raisins, honey and pomegranate.

Making it the best choice No.1 Asia in helping to maintain internal health and exterior beauty.
It acts naturally without side effects, can be practiced by pregnant women, breast-feeding as well as men.


Anti cancer. Stabilize blood pressure. Stabilize the male and female hormones. Treating eczema. Treat insonia. Treating sinusitis. Treating diabetes. Treat and prevent breast cancer. Treating and kidney cleansing. Boost the immune system in the body. Act as antibodies. Provides immediate energy. Providing good night's sleep. Treating vaginal discharge in women's private parts. Stress and breast firming. Tighten loose woman's private parts. Treating hair loss and fatigue. Ease removal. Improve memory.


Exfoliate and refine the skin throughout the body. Gives skin a beautiful and healthy. Leaves skin glowing naturally. Get rid of dull & lifeless. Anti-aging and make the face appear younger. Repair and renew skin cells. Get rid of dead skin cells. Shrink and get rid of acne. Get rid of freckles. Slacken and remove acne scars. Get rid of bruising under the eyes. Increasing the collagen content in the body. Shrink pores.


  • Help get the ideal body shape.
  • Weight control.
  • Removing toxins in the body.
  • Increasing the body's metabolism.
  • Give a feeling of fullness.
  • Controlling appetite.


Only torn sachet and continue drinking. Take 1-2 sachets per day for the best treatment.

For Best Effect:

1 sachet at night before bed.

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