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PMStore (formerly known as PharmacyMalaysia since 2008) is one of the largest distributor of natural healthcare and skincare products in Malaysia. 

We have a vast base of merchants and partners to make sure our price is always below market price. We also provide free delivery through various courier services (T&C Apply).

All our products are genuine and far from expiry date. You can be assured that product quality and customer service are our top priorities. 


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USANA Products Malaysia Discounted Price List

USANA Products Malaysia Discounted Price List
Brand: Usana
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Usana Products Price List


USANA Products: MultiVitamins, Supplements, Weight Loss ... All at Discounted Price

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101 Essentials™AO Pro + Chelated Mineral 基本营养素套装 168 Tablets 

133 Proflavanol® 葡萄籽精华 90 Tablets  

130 Poly C™ 矿物维生素C 120 Tablets  

120 Active Calcium Plus™ 活力钙镁片加 112 Tablets 

122 BiOmega III Plus™ 活力奥米III加 56 Soft Gel Capsules  

123 CoQuinone™ 心脏宝 56 Soft Gel Capsules  

134 Visionex™ 视力宝 56 Tablets 

131 Procosa™ II 健胳宁II 84 Tablets 

108 Probiotic 益生菌 14 Stick Packs 

111 Digestive Enzyme 消化酵素 56 Tablets  

135 Hepasil DTX™ 肝脏宝 84 Tablets 

110 Proflavanol® C100 葡萄籽精华C100 56 Tablets 




210 Nutrimeal™ Dutch Chocolate 荷兰巧克力营养餐 531g 

211 Nutrimeal™ French Vanilla 法国香草营养餐 531g  

212 Nutrimeal™ Wild Strawberry 野生莓草营养餐 531g  

226 Fibergy™ Plus 超级纤维素 392g  



300 Gentle Daily Cleanser 柔润补湿洁面乳 120ml

301 Hydrating Toner 柔润补湿爽肤水 120ml 

302 Daytime Protective Emulsion 日间修护抗晒乳液 38ml 

303 Night Renewal 柔润修护晚霜 38ml  RM

305 Perfecting Essence 完美活肌精华 30ml  RM

306 Eye Nourisher 柔润收紧眼霜 12ml

307 Rice Bran Polisher 稻米纤维磨砂膏 75ml

308 Nutritious Crème Masque 活力滋养面膜 75ml 

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