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Mossop's Manuka Honey Benefits From New Zealand

-15% Mossop's Manuka Honey Benefits From New Zealand
Brand: Massop's
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Manuka Honey (250g)

Mossop’s Manuka honey is a blend honey sourced from various areas throughout the North Island from two closely related plants, Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) and Kanuka (Kunzea ericoides) both of which are commonly referred to as Tea tree.
Manuka shrubs grow up to 4 meters in height and can be found in many different lowland habitats including wetlands, riversides and hillsides. They are very tolerant of drought, waterlogging, strong winds and frost.
Manuka shrubs have sharp-tipped leaves, large, solitary white or pink-flushed flowers, with distinctive, dark red stamens.
Although superficially similar to Manuka, Kanuka trees can grow up to 15 meters tall and are common throughout lowland and mountain scrub. It has many tolerances and grows well on all soil types except waterlogged soils.
Kanuka leaves lack the sharp tip of Manuka and its flowers are usually solitary but occur in clusters with a much longer stamen. Identifying the different plants is often difficult even for experienced observers.
Manuka varies in colour from light to dark amber and has a strong herbaceous flavour.

Mossop's Manuka honey Quality Assurance
Mossop's strive to provide top quality products as our  reputation for honey production relies on the integrity of our products and the credibility of our systems. We are pleased therefore to report that all this year’s Manuka honey testing for UMF, MG and the new Manuka5 tests have passed with flying colours. This is a great reassurance to ourselves as well as to our customers of the quality and integrity of our products.

Product Expire date :- FEB 2020 or later


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