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Barang dah sampai. Cepat servis. Akan order lagi.
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Dapat stok baru dgn harga diskaun. Habis minum akan order lagi.
- Zul
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Shaklee Vitamin C Plus Review Testimonials Wholesale Price

-31% Shaklee Vitamin C Plus Review Testimonials Wholesale Price
Brand: Shaklee
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Shaklee Vitamin C Plus


Benefits of Shaklee Vita-C Plus

  • Sustained Release Shaklee Vita-C Plus
  • High-potency vitamin C
  • Proprietary sustained-release system that delivers the vitamin C equivalent of one-and-a-half oranges every hour for five hours
  • Helps maintain natural antioxidant defenses, cell integrity, and the health of eyes, teeth, gums, bones, muscles and blood vessels* Chewable Vita-C 100mg Ideal for children or adults who have difficulty swallowing tablets.
  • Great citrus flavor
  • Preserve natural antioxidants in the body
  • Antioxidants are important in protecting skin cells from damage and aging
  • Chewable Vitamin C Shaklee strengthen bones , teeth and gums healthy
  • Enhance the body’s immune system
  • Very suitable for people hard or do not like taking pills or tablets
  • Natural orange flavor is very safe for children and adults
  • There have been no artificial colors, flavors , sweeteners or preservatives
  • SR tablets smaller than Vitamin C Shaklee so easy to eat or swallow
  • 1 Chewable tablets Shaklee Vita C equals 1 1/2 oranges equivalent to 100mg
  • Benefits of Vitamin C is great for keeping skin beauty and youthful
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