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FGXpress PowerStrip Wholesale Price Testimonials

FGXpress PowerStrip Wholesale Price Testimonials
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FGXpress PowerStrip

ForeverGreen FGXpress BenefitsHealth Benefits of Pain Relief Strips:

  • Improved thinking and concentration
  • Improved stamina and better athletic endurance
  • Easier stress endurance
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Fighting particular infections in a lung disease called cystic fibrosi
  • Bleeding disorders, loss of appetite, vomiting, intestinal problems, fibromyalgia, sleeping problems (insomnia), nerve pain, joint pain, dizziness, headache, convulsions, disorders of pregnancy and childbirth, hot flashes due to menopause, and to slow the aging process.
  • Reduce muscle soreness, relief rheumatoid arthritis, lower blood pressure, reduce blood sugar
  • Increase blood circulation, Deep detoxification

FGXpress Power Strip Side Effects

People who use chemically formulated medicines against pain in their body accuse other health problems, as time passes. The strips will never present any side effects. They are being applied externally. The herbs in them are 100% natural and health oriented. They can't harm any other part of the body. It doesn't matter how much pain your body endures, the pain relief strips will release it.

Women with menstrual pains should try the product and get rid of the PMS attack. More than this, ballerinas use them in order to reduce their spider veins caused by sustained effort. Back pain is also one of the most difficult things to endure. The FGXpress Power Strips can make one's back return to its normal state.

Do FGXpress Power Strips Work?

These Pain Relief Power Strips combine three technologies:
  1. A water soluble adhesive delivery "strip" that is safe and natural. It is being recognized by the entire medical community.
  2. A proprietary blend of herbs in a base of minerals and Marine Phytoplankton- responsible for cellular energy and health- helps rebuild, renew, revitalize regenerate and rejuvenate the muscles, tissues and cells at the deepest level. AND it comes from the Marine Phytoplankton from on Vancouver Island- amazing! .
  3. ENERGY! You can feel the difference. Power Strips utilize the benefits of a comfortable trans-dermal patch to create even, natural, and healthy energy in addition to additional fabulous benefits.Besides being a great joint pain relief and also a great back pain relief, these Pain Relief Power Strips are also great against skin rashes.

FGXpress PowerStrips Far Infrared Energy Benefits

Germanium is one of the natural ingredients found in FGXpress PowerStrips, because of it's thermogenic properties of creating heat to relief pain.
Check out the following video to watch a series of infrared scenarios that will demonstrate how heat works on repairing body tissues and releasing pain.

PowerStrips Benefits

In simple terms, FGXpress PowerStrips are advanced health adhesives that help relieve pain by increasing the amount of heat produced by the body. The power strips are designed to reflect far infrared energy waves into the affected tissues.

Far infrared Therapy is helpful on invigorating cellular metabolism, which in turn helps strengthens the body's ability to regenerate and restore the function of the nervous system and regulating it's reaction to pain. The body stores and uses this energy very easily using it as an aid in all facets of development, growth and self-healing.

Additionally, the rays help to detoxify the body by fighting various free radicals and other pathogens that cause diseases.

As mentioned earlier, our bodies produce these rays naturally but at a low rate. Stress and exposure to various forms of environmental pollutions affects the ability of the body to heal

A boost of far infrared energy can reverse this trend for positive results by increasing the amount of Far Infrared rays that is produced. This in turn helps to foster detoxification and facilitate the healing process. By increasing the body's thermal energy, tissues will reciprocate by becoming more active as the metabolic rate increases. Based on these facts, it is very true to say that high intensity of FIR energy makes us healthier by increasing the ability of our bodies to fight various disease causing pathogens.


FGXpress Features

The overall benefits Of FGXpress PowerStrips Infrared Energy Rays are truly one of a kind. Let us now look at additional fascinating health benefits that can be derived from FGXexpress far infrared energy rays:

Increase blood circulation: It has being scientifically proven that this form of energy helps expand the size of various blood vessels such as, capillaries. As a result this greatly helps enhance the regeneration and oxygenation of blood, ensuring that body organs that are dependent on blood have energy and are fully functional.

When blood flow is reduce to crucial organs such as the brain, this can lead to stroke and other severe mal-funtions of the body.

Deep detoxification: In order to effectively get rid of toxins, one has to undergo a deep detoxification process. Far Infrared rays produce energy that penetrate deep into body tissues and organs, which makes it an effective process to eliminate hidden toxins.

Boost immune system: The rays help boost the immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells.

Other health benefits that can be derived from this form of energy include; reduce muscle soreness, relief rheumatoid arthritis, lower blood pressure, reduce blood sugar among other benefits.

Various regulatory bodies and organizations such as NASA have carried out extensive tests on this particular kind of energy and the results have shown to be positive for the body.

You can count on FGXpress Far Infrared Energy to improve your health and overall productivity at home or at your workplace.


Created from the greatest ingredients and formulated with most appreciated technology, these Pain Relief Power Strips are known to improve the way a body functions. The most important ingredient in these strips is Korean Red Ginseng. This herb contains large quantities of saponin, which is a substance with great healing capacities and absolutely no side effects.

The plant Kingdom has many Ginsengs. However, the most appreciated one remains this Korean. In nature, the saponins of red ginseng act as antibiotics that protect plants from microbes. In humans, they can fight cancer and infection. Many of those suffering from ovarian, testicular or pulmonary cancer have used FGXpress Power Strips and they have met great results.

FDA Listed

Each PowerStrip™ is an ultra thin U.S FDA listed class 1 medical device, which adheres to your skin. The outer layer contains elemental Germanium. The inner or adhesive layer contains a proprietary blend of: Fermented Korean Red Ginseng & marine phytoplankton (Alpha3 CMP™) using a petroleum-free, water soluble adhesive for safe continuous daily use. Each PowerStrip™can be used for a period of 24-48 hours.
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